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How Do Mindful Breathing Techniques Work Before Surgery?

How Do Mindful Breathing Techniques Work Before Surgery?

Over 13 million surgeries are performed in the United States most years, often aimed at improved health and minimized symptoms. Just because surgeries are common and helpful, however, doesn’t mean you’ll feel 100% breezy about your own.

It’s natural to experience some concern or anxiety leading up to a surgical procedure. That’s where mindful breathing techniques come in. And you don’t need special equipment or large amounts of time to benefit. 

Dermatologic surgeon and skin cancer specialist Ali Hendi, MD, serving the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas, teaches you how to perform pre-surgery breathing techniques to enhance your health and well-being. 

The basics of mindful breathing

Mindfulness exercises are a form of meditation that draws your awareness to the present moment and sensations in your body. Meanwhile, you avoid making judgments or interpretations. Your thoughts may drift during the exercises, in which case you gently guide your attention back to your meditation, which often centers on slow, relaxed breathing.

There are many ways to approach mindful breathing exercises. You may simply breathe in slowly, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then slowly exhale one or more times. 

Other mindful breathing techniques involve:

For support around your practice, you could listen to a guided breathing meditation or work with a trained expert, such as Dr. Hendi. Research shows that professionally created mindfulness programs enhance mental health, reducing common issues like anxiety.

Benefits of breathing techniques before surgery

Breathing exercises calm your nervous system, which supports your physical and emotional wellness. By breathing slower and more intentionally, you can lower your blood pressure and heart rate and lessen stress hormone production. You may even enhance your immune system, which helps ensure a strong recovery and wound healing. 

Research has linked pre-surgery breathing practices with a reduced risk for complications, such as infections. Mindful breathing exercises may also improve your sleep and mood around your surgery date while shortening your hospital stay.

Leading up to your surgery, Dr. Hendi walks you through mindful breathing techniques that suit you, with the goal of minimizing your stress and enhancing your treatment outcome.

To learn more or get the support you need, call 301-812-4591 or book an appointment online with the practice of Ali Hendi, MD, in Chevy Chase, Maryland, today.

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