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Non Invasive Melanoma Detection Specialist

Ali Hendi, MD

Skin Cancer Specialists & Mohs Surgeons located in Chevy Chase, MD

At Dr. Ali Hendi, MD in Chevy Chase, Maryland, utilize DermTech, a non- invasive tool for early detection of Melanoma. Call Dr. Hendi and the team today.

Non Invasive Melanoma Detection

What makes this early detection of Melanoma so different than current detection methods? 

Bu utilizing the new non-invasive DermTech PLA, (smart sticker), Dr. Hendi and Joy Green can provide early detection of possible Melanomas without the use of a biopsy. No pain, no cutting, no possibility of scarring. Quick and very easy for the patients to utilize to get secure and accurate results. 

How does the DermTech PLA, Smart Sticker program work?

The DermTech Melanoma test can detect changes in your skin’s RNA and DNA so that melanoma can be caught early. It is vitally important to catch Melanoma early, as early detection is a positive factor in the successful recovery for patients detected with Melanoma. The new non-invasive skin check melanoma test catches more than 99% of all cases.  

What are the “steps” taken in this process?

A series of “smart” stickers are used to painlessly collect skin cells from the suspicious skin spot. No scalpel necessary. The stickers are then sent to a lab to determine if the presence of elevated expression levels of 2 genes proven to correlate with Melanoma are present. The results are forwarded back to Dr. Hendi and Joy Green, at which time a determination dependent on the results would be made to take the best path forward with treatment. 

Does this test process cost patients more money?

Medicare covers at 100%. As the test may substitute for a biopsy, it saves patients the initial expense of the biopsy as well. If the non-invasive DermTech PLA Smart Sticker test is administered, there is one minimal charge for up to three lesions. After the first three lesions, there is NO charge for additional tests.

If you think you may have skin cancer, call the office of Ali Hendi, MD today to schedule your non invasive melanoma detection exam.